Kiss Your Business

Having researched the business coaching industry for some time, our founders came to the conclusion that there are many folk out there that call themselves business coaches but many operate without a framework of content that will really help businesses owners to make the required changes.

The journey thus began to pool all the business knowledge and experience of our founders into programs that have two simple goals; one to create a valuable asset i.e. your business, and two, to do it in a way that is simple enough to understand and implement. KISS YOUR BUSINESS COACHING was thus born with KISS having the dual meaning of keeping it straight and simple as well the metaphor of kissing your business symbolising the attention and “love” that one needs to invest in one’s business to help it grow.

In it’s simplest form, coaching is a program of conversations that assist you in going from where you are now to where you want to be. That assumes that you know where you want to be. Our programs not only incorporate the traditional coaching conversations but expose you to critical areas of your business and personal growth that allow you to set the right goals to achieve to maximise the value of your business.

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