Kiss Your Business

Enterprise Development: 1 Starfish


A boy was walking on a beach where millions of starfish had been washed ashore and were busy dying. Just then he saw an old man bend down, pick up a starfish and throw it back into the sea. He did this again and again until the little boy asked, “Do you really think you can make a difference, Sir?”

As the old man threw the next starfish into the sea he said, “Well I just made a difference to that one… and that one”, as he threw in another.

The program is run and administered by KISS Your Business which brings in it’s collaboration partner, Sprout Consulting, for various specialised elements.

Everything we do at 1 Starfish is to create sustainable job creation one SME at a time. How we do that is by keeping business simple, and connecting entrepreneurs with professionals to allow transfer of knowledge and information. This is done through workshops and master classes that get embedded through one to one coaching / mentoring.

Corporate’s can take advantage of us as a third party to perform enterprise development and contribute to their B-BBEE score.

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