Kiss Your Business

Finance – How To Manage Your Money


Some may find it easy to make money but how do you go about keeping it?

Do you know how to read a set of financial statements, what return you should be expecting from your business, what your business is worth and what costs to take into account when making decisions?

In the finance module we’ll help you understand the returns you need to make for your business to be worthwhile after you have broken even and what is important to keep track of regularly.

We will explore the following critical aspects of how to manage your money:
•    Business Valuation: How do you determine the value of a business?
•    Financial Statements: Do you understand how to read and navigate them?
•    Types of Costs: Are all costs treated the same in analysis?
•    Expense Ratios: Which expense ratios must you track for your business and why?
•    Balance Sheet Ratio’s: Do you know if you are solvent or even what that means?
•    Profit vs Cash: Does profit equal cash and if not why not?