Kiss Your Business

Introduction to the Founders

The founders at KISS YOUR BUSINESS COACHING realised one thing very early on, that in order to build a great product and brand, a company needs to first build a diverse, qualified and energised team.

In terms of diversity, the 6 founding members range in age from 65 to 35 and are well balanced between male and female. The skills range from Listed company directorships to one man start up’s; from CA’s to Occupational Physcologists; MBA’s to Engineers, Educator’s to professional sportsman and from corporate experience to small family businesses.

This blend of skills and experience has allowed the development of world class coaching progams that can be applied in any of the 20 countries that the founders have cummulatively worked in, and beyond.

Despite the intellectual capacity of the team to develop highly technical content, the premise has always been to develop simple programs that can easily be implemented by businesses and rolled out by coaches in any business anywhere in the world. The 80:20 principle really does apply in that focusing on the most important 20% of your business will yield 80% of your results…but do you know what your 20% is?