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Personal Growth – How To Personally Grow

personal growth

Take anyone who is highly successful in business, sport, art or any other area you can think of and you will find one thing that they all have in common… These people are continually wanting to improve themselves to be the best they can be.

This module will show you through teaching and interactive exercises that unless you are working on your own personal growth, you are likely slipping behind and not improving yourself.

We will explore the following critical aspects of how to grow personally:
•    Leadership: Do you know the difference between leadership and management?
•    Education: How do you educate yourself with limited time?
•    Attitude: Are you sure you have the right attitude and does it matter?
•    Teamwork / Edification: Do you know why edification is your secret weapon?
•    Mentoring: Who can guide you and why is this even important?
•    Association: How can who and what you associate with help you?