Kiss Your Business

Peter Luteijn

Having a degree in Mechanical Engineering and having worked all around the world, I have had a lot of exposure to different ways of working and cultures.

The common thread has always been “leadership, personal development and focusing on developing your team” will ultimately lead you to success.

Having been a management consultant for one of the major international oil and gas companies gave me a lot of exposure to people and companies. My “corporate” thinking changed when some interesting entrepreneurs challenged me. This exposure identified a gap not only with myself but also within the business world. This led to me becoming qualified as a business coach to pursue my new found passion.

Working with the leaders of small to medium sized companies allows me to expose business owners to new thinking and then help them achieve their goals.

The feeling of creating “ah ha” moments with clients is what it’s all about.



B.Eng (hons) Mechanical Engineering

NLP Coach

LEAN Practitioner