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Sales and Marketing – How To Get and Keep Customers

sales and marketing

Do you think that sales and marketing is all about social media nowadays? Do you get confused about the constant changes in marketing fads?

In this module you will learn tried and tested methods to understand your product, how it meets the needs of your customers and how to do this in a way that is better than your competitors.

We will explore the following critical aspects of getting and keeping customers:
•    Product and Prospects: WHAT can you do for WHOM?
•    Price and Positioning: How much and why should they choose yours?
•    Place and Promotion: How do you crafting messages and choose media?
•    Purchase: How do you ensure customers keep buying (again and again)?
•    POS: Do you know what Positively Outrageous Service means in your business?
•    ROI: Do you ensure a return on your marketing and sales investment?