Kiss Your Business

Strategy – How To Know Where You’re Going And When You’ve Arrived


Do you have a strategy for your business? Do you set goals and targets that you measure? If not, why not? What gets measured, improves!

In this module you will develop your mission, vision and unique selling proposition. You will set goals and have a game plan on what needs to be done for the next 120 days and beyond.

We will explore the following critical aspects for your business strategy:
•    Industry: Do you know the trends in your industry and how they affect you?
•    Competitive Advantage: What gives you the edge over your competitors?
•    Culture: Does a company culture really add value?
•    Purpose (Vision): What does your company want to be remembered for?
•    Plan (Mission): How do you start to implement your vision?
•    Strategic Framework: So you know where you’re going but will you know when you arrive?