Kiss Your Business


testimonial 1

“Despite being in operation for 9 years, and feeling comfortable and confident with our companies finance and systems, I found this course to be extremely interesting and thought provoking. I realised that there were a number of avenues I hadn’t explored fully, so I will definitely be implementing some of the structures they suggested we put in place to take our business to another level.” Wyatt Rowe – Director

testimonial 2

“A super module which really put perspective on the subject for me. The course highlighted areas which are lacking in my business and made me realise how much needs to be implemented and smoothed out for the next financial year. The course is easy to follow and definitely gives a clear understanding of how everything fits in together. Before it was a puzzle with many pieces which didn’t make much sense but your clear step by step program has definitely made it look somewhat like a picture, and far more comprehensible.” Ciska van Wyk – Director

testimonial 3

“We sent our staff on The Growth Journey with KISS and what a big difference in staff morale and job pride. Everybody is putting in 150% everyday and applying the principles given by KISS. It was amazing to see how well our different departments worked through all 6 of the modules.” Kevin Watson – Director

testimonial 5

“I thoroughly enjoyed this highly beneficial workshop “How to get and keep customers – Sales & Marketing”. The “Aha” moments captured were especially entrenching, especially the idea of recognizing the hedgehog moment, my competitive edge and the benefit of the general brain storming with the other participants. The facilitator encouraged a lighthearted atmosphere, which was most conducive to creating ideas. From the minute I returned from the workshop, the ideas you sparked were implemented straight away. My clarity of mind and focus is particular evident since the workshop, and I am sure we are realizing dividends already. Once the decision is made to move in a certain direction, the path seems smoother. Thank you sincerely,” Sue Granger, Wheelie Woman (Owner of Wheeliebins SA Pty (Ltd))

testimonial 6

“Congratulations to KISS Your Business on a professional and thought – provoking course! Despite being a long – term business owner, I was inspired to review my mission and vision and ask myself questions about the direction and purpose of my business which often get’s forgotten in the day to day operations. The interaction with other business owners, along with a skilled facilitator, was very valuable.” Claire Gatonby

testimonial 8

“ As a young up and coming Businessman what KISS Your Business has done for me is invaluable. The flexibility of splitting the Strategy workshop into two 3 hour sessions was ideal as a busy entrepreneur and also gave time to digest the information gathered. With the consequent coaching sessions I was encouraged and challenged. It got me to set goals related to the vision I have for my desired future. Having a clear picture enabled me to see that I need structure and knowledge, which my Coach made me accountable to each week. KISS Your Business has ideally equipped me as a growing entrepreneur.” Ryan Naidoo – Brictin Cleaning and Hygiene Service