Kiss Your Business

Traditional Coaching

Although we recommend for maximum benefit our full programs, which bundle thought provoking workshops and coaching, we do offer coaching in the traditional sense.

Should you not have the time for full day workshops or even our option of doing these in two 3 hour sessions, we can facilitate the unearthing of areas for development through our questionaire process.

Our coach will spend the majority of a morning with you in your first session where you will have a discussion on the different parts of your business.  This process is also called mining i.e. unearthing goals which then leads into coaching which, in its simplest form is the facilitation of conversations that define and refine goals and assist business owners in achieving them.

Said another way, the coaching  journey takes you from a place of unconscious incompetence (not knowing what you need to change) to conscious incompetence (knowing what you need to change). It then moves you to conscious competence (actually making the needed changes) to unconscious competence (behaving in a new way without even thinking about it).