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What is Coaching?

Coaching as a discipline:
  • Coaching has always existed in human communities. It has and still is being used by hundreds of thousands of great leaders who truly know how to  develop their people, not by abusing their power, but by believing in them, challenging them and supporting them.
  • Coaching is not a fashionable substitute for managerial control. Leaders do not have time or capacity to control anymore. They have to empower and delegate to create a culture of responsibility and self generated actions.
  • The philosophy of coaching is based on fundamental human principles of integrity, accountability, respect and the belief in human potential.
  • Coaching is relatively new discipline, at least in it’s present form and is truly a skill for the new millennium.
Coaching as an industry:
  • The coaching profession is a growing part of the R700 billion worldwide training and development industry.
  • The three main markets for coaching are the USA, UK and Australia. Australia has one of the fastest growing coaching industries in the world and it is estimated that up to 20% of CEO’S of Australian companies have utilized the expertise of a coach. In the USA this number is about 60%, including both coaching and mentoring programs.
  • Coaching is an emerging industry and without doubt one of the fastest growing industries of the past decade.
What Coaching is:
  • Coaching is one of the most effective ways of unlocking the potential of people to maximize performance and fast tracking any type of learning rather than teaching.
  •  In coaching the agenda is the client’s agenda, but not just any agenda. It’s the clients agenda for themselves, their agenda for their future and if they haven’t got one, to find one. The agenda is to help the client be more of who they are already.
  • A coach is in fact a thought facilitator through conversation within a productive, results-orientated context.
  • Coaching is more about asking the right questions than providing the right answers.
  • Coaching as a development tool is used in many fields across the sports, arts and performance world as a way to help people realize their potential.
Coaching is not:
  • Teaching, philosophy[ Coaching is not a set of instructions, rules or guidelines for living. ]
  • Therapy [ A Coaching series has a beginning, middle and end with measurable outcomes and deadlines. Coaching looks at “how” not “why” ]
  • Consulting [ Coaches don’t give advice. A consultant does the job for you, a coach supports you to do the job better yourself. ]
  • Training [ Coaching does not have a preset format or curriculum to follow ]
  • Mentoring [ Coaching is not giving advice based on your experience ]
Benefits of Coaching:

To the individual [life] and the executive

  • Challenge them to think bigger and realize their potential
  • Dares them to take risk
  • Alters how they think, feel and behave
  •  Encourages them to be their best

To the business owner and the Corporate organization

  • Achievement of vision and goals of their business
  • Better results
  • Superior client service
  • Improved retention of staff
  • Healthier personal development of staff
  • Enhance the interpersonal skills of all staff